Readers of This Blog: Lend You My Ears

“Lend you my ears?”

Image by Marcin Soko via

Image by Marcin Soko via

No, that wasn’t a typo. I’d like to lend you my ear. But first, some housekeeping.

I’m delighted to be presenting at the Writer’s Digest Conference this August in New York City. As you could guess, the presentation will be about weapons in fiction and anchored by The Writer’s Guide to Weapons. I’d like to include how the firearm and knife information on this blog and in my book helped you write better fiction.

Would you take a minute to fill out the form below? Will you oblige the horrible pun I used in this headline and lend you my ear?

Thank you!



Heads up: I may use your name, book titles and comments in my presentation.


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