Chase Baker and The Vikings’ Secret (A Chase Baker Thriller #5)

Franchising Isn’t Just for Fast Food Restaurants

Chase Baker is a character created by Vincent Zandri, an author of thrillers I admire quite a bit. The Chase Baker series of novels are a little like The Da Vinci Code meets Indiana Jones, with more Rambo and less down time. Readers seem to enjoy the tales, which combine an occult secret (for example, the bones of Jesus Christ) with high stakes and plenty of action. The first book, The Shroud Key, is still charting high.

Chase Baker and the Vikings Secret Sobieck Zandri

Click the cover to get the digital or print edition from Amazon. Thanks to Elder Lemon Design for the great cover.

Despite the success of the books, Zandri’s busy with many other projects that keep new Chase Baker installments on the back burner. That’s the “burden,” if you could call it that, of charting in the top 10 for all of Kindle a dozen or so times. What’s a guy to do?

That’s where I come in with a little something called franchising. I’m picking up the reins for new Chase Baker installments, with creative oversight from Zandri. (He won’t let me go completely off the rocker, but with good reason.)

Introducing Chase Baker & the Vikings’ Secret

My first installment, the fifth in the Chase Baker series, is called Chase Baker & the Vikings’ Secretwhich you can find as an e-book or print book at Amazon and other fine e-retailers. It was terrific fun to write. Here’s the overview:

Did Chinese explorers arrive in the Americas before Christopher Columbus? Renaissance man and adventurer Chase Baker is hot on the trail of this hidden piece of history in the woods of Minnesota, home of the famous Kensington Runestone. The alleged proof is scrawled on a runestone written by Vikings centuries ago. The only problem is it’s guarded by a mythical creature called the Wendigo at the bottom of a treacherous place called The Pit, where few have survived.

Add in gun-toting neo-Nazis bent on finding the runestone first, and Chase faces one of his most thrilling adventures yet.

Loaded with action, suspense and clues to a cover up spanning centuries, this installment of the award-winning Chase Baker series is sure to satisfy. Ideal for fans of Dan Brown, Clive Cussler, JR Rain and others.

Read 10 Sample Chapters

I’m hosting 10 free sample chapters over on my Wattpad page. Click here to check them out. I think you’ll enjoy them.

Should You Read the First Four Books Before This One?

You won’t be lost if you don’t read the first four installments, but I’m sure Vince would appreciate the support. You can find them on Amazon here.


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