The Writer’s Glove: Keep Your Entire Hand Warm While Typing at a Keyboard

A Writing Glove For Cold Hands That Does What Fingerless Gloves Can’t

best thin, warm typing gloves

Keep your entire hand warm while you type with The Writer’s Glove.

(GET IT HERE) In addition to the books I write, I also come up with nifty little inventions to make writing easier and more comfortable. One of those is called The Writer’s Glove, and it’s the better way to keep your cold hands warm while you type at a keyboard. You can order it from my business here.

I’m sure you’ve seen fingerless typing gloves for keyboards before, but The Writer’s Glove is different. It offers complete hand coverage, from wrist to fingertips, without sacrificing the tactile dexterity you need to “feel” the keys as you type. It also comes with touchscreen capability in the fingertips, as well as a special grip in the palm and fingers.

A Better Keyboard Glove for Typing at Computers

warm typing gloves

Looking for thin, warm gloves for typing?

I use The Writer’s Glove myself during cold weather months and when the air-conditioning is cranked up in my office. It’s only now that I’ve been able to offer it to other people, and each pair is made by yours truly. Check them out if you:

  • Have cold hands from working in an air-conditioned office
  • Live in a cold area
  • Want an alternative to fingerless keyboard gloves
  • Just need to keep your hands warm while you type at a keyboard

Where to Order The Writer’s Glove

I’d be happy to ship out a pair of what I think are the best computer keyboard typing gloves for cold hands anywhere. I’ll even throw in free shipping when you order them direct from me at