New: Chase Baker and the Apocalypse Bomb (A Chase Baker Thriller #7)

Chase Baker Apocalypse Bomb smallWhat If Humans Aren’t the Most Advanced Species on Earth?

I’m proud to announce the publication of the seventh in a long line of terrific thrillers, Chase Baker & the Apocalypse Bomb, available in digital and print formats exclusively from Amazon. Here’s the description.

Humans think they’re the most advanced beings on Earth, but adventurer and Renaissance man Chase Baker just stumbled onto something that will blow the lid off that fantasy for good. As Chase discovers, an even more advanced species lives side-by-side with humanity, quietly ruling the world with incredible technology.

But when that technology falls into the wrong hands, it’s up to Chase to stop the creation of the Apocalypse Bomb, a weapon so powerful it could destroy Earth in an instant. No less than the fate of the world rests on his success, but nefarious Men in Black, an “ultraterrestrial” with a grudge against humans and conniving UFO tourists will stop at nothing to thwart his mission.

Chase Baker & the Apocalypse Bomb is a riveting ride packed with action, twists and turns. It’s perfect for fans of Clive Cussler, Dan Brown and JR Rain.

How This Book Fits into the Chase Baker Series

This isn’t a direct sequel to my previous installment, Chase Baker & the Vikings’ Secret, but readers will recognize a couple of the recurring characters. That’s the beauty of this series, started by thriller master Vincent Zandri. Each installment is episodic, allowing readers to jump in wherever they like.

However, if you’re a Zandri completist like I am, you can start from the beginning with this official Chase Baker reading list.

  1. The Shroud Key
  2. Chase Baker & the Golden Condor
  3. Chase Baker & the God Boy
  4. Chase Baker & the Lincoln Curse
  5. Chase Baker & the Vikings’ Secret
  6. Chase Baker & the Da Vinci Divinity
  7. Chase Baker & the Apocalypse Bomb

Zandri wrote every installment except my two (the fifth and seventh installments), which is something we’ll talk about at the 2016 Writer’s Digest Conference when we present on thriller writing in general and franchising in particular.

Read a Free Preview on Wattpad

If you’re one of those not unreasonable people who like to sample books before buying the real deal, you can read the first 10 chapters here for free on Wattpad.

How to Get This Book

Chase Baker Apocalypse Bomb best thriller Vincent ZandriIt’s easy. Go to Amazon and order the digital or print version of Chase Baker & the Apocalypse BombYou’ll enjoy it even if you haven’t read the other Chase Baker books. At the very least you’ll finally be able to type “Apocalypse” correctly on the first try. Keen!

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