Download My Webinar on Writing Guns and Knives

ws_writersresearch-firearms-500_smallThe webinar I did for the The Writers Store is now available here. It’s called, The Secret to Writing Firearms and Knives, and for $79.99, you get personal instruction from me for about 90 minutes.

If posts like this one from Chuck Wendig on mistakes writers make with guns piqued your interest at all, this webinar takes it to the next level. You’ll not only know what not to do, but what to do. And the “secret” mentioned in the title will help you get there, regardless if you’ve never picked up a gun or knife outside the kitchen before.

And who am I to give a presentation on how to write guns and knives? I wrote The Writer’s Guide to Weapons: A Practical Reference for Writing Firearms and Knives in Fiction (Writer’s Digest Books, July 2015). I work full-time in firearms/knives publishing as an online editor and online product manager for titles like Gun Digest and BLADE.

The information in this webinar would surprise some of the people I work with every day. It’s seriously good stuff you’re not going to get from the surface level blogs out there.

Click here to download The Secret to Writing Firearms and Knives from The Writers Store.

One thought on “Download My Webinar on Writing Guns and Knives

  1. Dear Authors,

    Having spent more than three decades in Karate training,
    the knife wielding defenderś approach much SAFER when using DISTANCE!!!
    Threat and FEAR! come when you are CLOSER!,
    A BEGINNER , even with a machine GUN, may not survive!!!!
    FIrst things first: Distance
    then Sidesteps
    later on angles and level, + prper timing.

    Good health and Best regards!

    Paul.- retired instructor of Karate.


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