Choosing a Knife for a Vigilante Detective Character

Thriller writer Jennifer Chase popped a note to me the other day. She was looking for a recommendation for a backup knife for her vigilante detective character, Emily Stone. It seems the protagonist sometimes can’t access her sidearms, and needed something for last-ditch defense.

I enjoyed playing Q, and the resulting guest blog post is up now at Chase’s blog. I’ll spoil it a little bit and list the knives I chose for Stone, although I recommend you read the entire post for the step-by-step selection process.

The primary knife would be a Ka-Bar TDI Law Enforcement knife:


(Ka-Bar image)


Her backup would be a Brous Blade Silent Soldier V1, a neck knife:

Brous Blades Silent Soldier V1

(Brous Blades image)

There are good reasons I chose these knives for Stone, which you can read about here on Chase’s blog.


If you’re interested in these types of recommendations, check out my Research Services.

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