On Writing Fiction: Knife Sheaths Hidden Inside Bras?

In the spirit of the Flashbang holster for firearms, I present to you the Just In Case Bra by Booby Trap Bras. Whereas the Flashbang hides a handgun inside a brassiere, the Just in Case Bra conceals a knife. Here’s a pic:

Bras for knives

A knife or other accessory is inserted into the bra’s built-in sheath for easy access in a pinch. (Image via Booby Trap Bras)

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“Lady Guns” for Female Characters? Not So Fast

James Bond Beretta 418 Ian Fleming Geoffrey Boothroyd

The Beretta Model 418 is so small it’s considered a “pocket pistol,” meaning it could slip inside a pocket. Its .25 caliber ammunition is barely cut out for popping varmints. So why would a character like James Bond use it? Writer Ian Fleming had a good reason. (By Bob Adams (http://www.adamsguns.com) (Adamsguns.com) [Attribution], via Wikimedia Commons)

TLDR: Firearm experience, hand size, general physical condition and purpose matter more than gender when it comes to assigning handguns to female characters.

When it comes to handguns, it seems to me there’s a tendency to assign fictional female characters smaller calibers than males. I’m here to tell you that’s a mistake, and ironically I’ll use one of the most famous womanizers of all time, James Bond, to explain why.

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Bra Holsters for Female Characters

Concealed Carry for Women

“Concealed Carry for Women” by Gila Hayes is a great resource for learning how female characters can pack heat.

Choosing a handgun for a female character (or a knife) doesn’t need to be entirely different from selecting one for a male. I think some writers get too caught up on how a female’s firearm should look and not on the basics, such as the character’s hand size and firearms experience. But there’s one area where gender definitely draws a line in the sand: holsters.

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Choosing a Knife for a Vigilante Detective Character

Thriller writer Jennifer Chase popped a note to me the other day. She was looking for a recommendation for a backup knife for her vigilante detective character, Emily Stone. It seems the protagonist sometimes can’t access her sidearms, and needed something for last-ditch defense.

I enjoyed playing Q, and the resulting guest blog post is up now at Chase’s blog. I’ll spoil it a little bit and list the knives I chose for Stone, although I recommend you read the entire post for the step-by-step selection process. Continue reading

The Best Handgun for Female Detective Characters is Not Pink


Pink firearms and knives are marketing tools whose most practical use is gnawing out a discussion about gender in the sporting goods department. I’ll save that for another day and let writer bud Laura Roberts explain how she settled on a handgun for her female detective character, Venus Delmar. Roberts took the time to research the perfect Glock – and it sure in the red hell ain’t pink.  Continue reading