On Writing Fiction: Knife Sheaths Hidden Inside Bras?

In the spirit of the Flashbang holster for firearms, I present to you the Just In Case Bra by Booby Trap Bras. Whereas the Flashbang hides a handgun inside a brassiere, the Just in Case Bra conceals a knife. Here’s a pic:

Bras for knives

A knife or other accessory is inserted into the bra’s built-in sheath for easy access in a pinch. (Image via Booby Trap Bras)

In the same way athletic apparel adapted to the rise of cell phones, music devices, fitness trackers and portable water storage, the Just In Case Bra makes carrying a knife as simple as slipping one into the built-in sheath.

This innovative bra received quite a bit of attention when it debuted. Here’s a piece from CBS Channel 11 News out of Dallas.

4 Things to Keep in Mind When Depicting This Bra in Fiction

Although clever knife sheaths are nothing new, this style is worth noting for writing fictional characters with a stealthy streak. Here are four things to keep in mind.

What is a neck knife

The CRKT Minimalist is an example of a neck knife that could work well with the Just In Case bra. Not having tested the set up myself, I can’t speak to the ideal knife, but Booby Trap Bras does sell a blade designed to be used with its products. (Image via CRKT)

First up, that sheath isn’t exactly spacious. Smaller knives are a must. Most of the knives I saw in examples of the Just In Case Bra were “neck knives.” This specific style of knife is small and meant to be worn inside a sheath attached to a lanyard. So if you’re looking to pair this bra with a knife for one of your characters, look up neck knives. The CRKT Minimalist is a good example of one.

If you’re stuck on whether a knife is a good fit, Booby Trap Bras sells its own. It’s a classic neck knife design.

Bras for Concealing Knives

Here’s a closer look at how a knife is drawn from the sheath inside a Just In Case Bra. (Image via Booby Trap Bras)

Second, I wouldn’t worry about the knife cutting through the sheath material and unintentionally injuring the character. Were that an issue, there wouldn’t be a product in the first place. Remember that people kept knives in leather sheaths for centuries. This isn’t all that different.

Next, don’t feel limited to just knives. This bra is a last-ditch, do-or-die accessory. That sheath could hold a knife, pepper spray, a spare magazine for a character’s pistol, cash or secret documents. It’s up to you.

Finally, I can’t speak to whether a similar sheath could be used in non-athletic brassieres. The material used in the Just In Case Bra is supportive and durable. That may not describe your character’s apparel. I can say, however, that a little creative license would be able to slip a blade safely inside any brassiere, given the sheath remains in place. If you prefer to keep it simpler, neck knives on a lanyard or chain can’t be beat.

Get the Book

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One thought on “On Writing Fiction: Knife Sheaths Hidden Inside Bras?

  1. My own contemplation placed this under the ‘vigilant but inexperienced’ civilian entry. Several convenient knives seem so much more suited to committing crimes instead of defending against such onslaught.

    On the bra sheath I would wonder how to quick-draw this, as a fictional figure would need to have practiced that, and something alike smacking a large piece of leather, gelatine, or meat to learn really doing damage with such a last resort weapon. Such often spoils reader sympathies.

    Still it is true that the law-abiding figures are much more limited in their choice of weapons and armor than the criminals. Vigilance and preparedness remembered: http://www.wikihow.com/Spot-a-Dangerous-Man

    One more cool article by you, thanks, Ben!


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