What’s the Deal with that iPhone Gun? Answers for Fiction Writers

Concealed smartphone gun folding pistol

That this could all be malarkey actually plays to your advantage as a writer. (Image via Ideal Conceal)

TLDR: Not much.

Earlier this year, a company near me in the Upper Midwest called Ideal Conceal debuted a firearm that bears a striking similarity to a smartphone. Designed to fire .380 caliber ammunition from two separate barrels, Ideal Conceal’s firearm folds into a square reminiscent of an iPhone, allowing it to slip into a pocket like any other mobile device.

This so-called “cell phone gun” or “iPhone gun” entered the news cycle with plenty of controversy, especially given the focus in recent years on officer-involved shootings, self-defense laws and firearm legislation. One senator even called for a pre-emptive investigation into its legality.

Does this mark the beginning of firearms hidden in everyday objects? Will this make it easier for people ineligible to own a firearm to carry one in public? And what does this have to do with writing fiction? Here’s what you need to know. Continue reading

Taurus Curve: The Hot New Handgun on the Block for Fiction

Like any other industry, the firearms market is subject to fads and flavors of the month, especially when it comes to handguns. The hype machine bit me good for the latest hot model on the block, the Taurus Curve. I think it’s worth noting for fiction writers, because it’s a fresh take on many of the features characters need in a handgun. Continue reading

Bra Holsters for Female Characters

Concealed Carry for Women

“Concealed Carry for Women” by Gila Hayes is a great resource for learning how female characters can pack heat.

Choosing a handgun for a female character (or a knife) doesn’t need to be entirely different from selecting one for a male. I think some writers get too caught up on how a female’s firearm should look and not on the basics, such as the character’s hand size and firearms experience. But there’s one area where gender definitely draws a line in the sand: holsters.

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