Big News: Saying Hello to the Wattpad Stars Program

What is the Wattpad Stars program

Wattpad is the train you want to be on.

Note: I’ve veered from the focus of this blog lately, but this is still my primary online home for my writing, and the news lately is too good not to share. Your regularly scheduled programming will resume shortly.

The 100 MPH Wattpad ride continues. Today, I was accepted into the Wattpad Stars program, which is like winning American Idol and the Super Bowl and finding 20 bucks in the laundry on a social reading site with 45 million readers. There is no level above this, and it even comes with a free T-shirt and a morality clause (really) and high-buck sushi served with white gloves (not really).

The Stars program is where Anna Todd, a fanfic writer, inked a six-figure book deal and scored a contract with Paramount for the adaptation. Other writers moved 240,000 books through deals like this one. It’s also where there are more opportunities like the writing I did for The Exorcist and FOX Television. It’s the real deal.

To be frank, I was skeptical of Wattpad when I originally joined. Why post content for free? How does that get me anywhere? But in a little over a year since joining, back when I was certain the amount of damns to give for my fiction fell somewhere between “meh” and “maybe,” I’ve learned that my approach needed to change instead of my writing. In fact, the entire online publishing model is changing. And it’s changing into what Wattpad is proving out day after day.

I always tell writers who ask about Wattpad that it’s a long game, a slow burn, something that demands patience. But some things are worth waiting for. I’m excited to see where this new path leads, and not for a minute wondering if I made the wrong choice by publishing there.

You can check out my profile on Wattpad here. If you’re a writer, join for free here. Readers, there are millions of stories to check out, and it won’t cost you a dime to jump in here.

16 thoughts on “Big News: Saying Hello to the Wattpad Stars Program

  1. Very cool! Congratulations. I’ve been a member since 2012, although hadn’t really done anything with it until Smashwords invited me to put up one of my books for a promotion. It’s been fun getting to know the folks on there, they are passionate about writing, for sure. But you’re right, it seems to be a slow burn.

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  2. Wow, congratulations! I’m a Wattpad author too and I recently got on the Featured List. Wattpad Stars program gives you a lot of exposure and so many opportunities. It’s going to be a huge step in your writing career, that’s for sure.

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  3. Hello,
    great post Benjamin !

    I’d really like to know more about this topic, like is there a certain way to register for this program Wattpad Stars \ Wattpad Futures ? I’ve searched a lot about this topic those past weeks but haven’t found a clear detailed answer.
    Do I just publish my stories\books on Wattpad and if I got a lot of reads, Wattpad staff will contact me to become a Wattpad Star ??
    I’m serious about wanting to join to get something out of it as I’m in a critical situation right now.

    Any detailed answer about this topic is much appreciated.


    • Thanks for checking this out! Wattpad used to have an interface where you could apply to be a Star, but that’s since gone away. Now the staff will seek people out individually. There may be another interface coming soon, too, but you’ll have to wait and see on that.

      The best way to get the attention of Wattpad staff is to continue to use the site. They’re always watching for great stories and active participation.

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