Give Characters a Full Ensemble of Weapons to Handle Any Situation

Michael Connick returns for another terrific post, this time focusing on real-world inspirations for his characters’ weapons. Enjoy!


Writing weapons fiction

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Above is a picture of what I typically carry with me each day. My decision to carry these items is based on over 35 years experience with firearms and self-defense, so it’s no surprise that my fiction reflects this practice. I think it’s important to give characters a full ensemble of weapons to handle any situation. Continue reading

Have You Heard About Airbows?

What is an airbow?

Debuting in early 2016, the Pioneer Airbow lived up to the hype as a “game changer.” (Image via Crosman)

TLDR: An airbow is like a crossbow that uses air pressure to fire a bolt.

Eat your heart out, Daryl Dixon.

New to the hunting scene as of early 2016, and therefore available to writerly imaginations everywhere as of right now, is the Pioneer Airbow from Crosman. It’s not quite a crossbow and it’s not quite a firearm. It’s an airbow, and it’s a category unto itself.

Continue reading

What’s the Deal with that iPhone Gun? Answers for Fiction Writers

Concealed smartphone gun folding pistol

That this could all be malarkey actually plays to your advantage as a writer. (Image via Ideal Conceal)

TLDR: Not much.

Earlier this year, a company near me in the Upper Midwest called Ideal Conceal debuted a firearm that bears a striking similarity to a smartphone. Designed to fire .380 caliber ammunition from two separate barrels, Ideal Conceal’s firearm folds into a square reminiscent of an iPhone, allowing it to slip into a pocket like any other mobile device.

This so-called “cell phone gun” or “iPhone gun” entered the news cycle with plenty of controversy, especially given the focus in recent years on officer-involved shootings, self-defense laws and firearm legislation. One senator even called for a pre-emptive investigation into its legality.

Does this mark the beginning of firearms hidden in everyday objects? Will this make it easier for people ineligible to own a firearm to carry one in public? And what does this have to do with writing fiction? Here’s what you need to know. Continue reading

Just for Fun: How Many Peeps Does it Take to Stop a Bullet?

Peeps are like inverse zombies. They want you to eat them, not the other way around. This makes them especially insidious. Julie Clopper /

Peeps are like inverse zombies. They want you to eat them, not the other way around. This makes them especially insidious. Julie Clopper /

Marshmallow Peeps are the fruitcakes of Easter. They’re a time-honored tradition obligation, the novelty wears off after exactly six seconds and they refuse to die. Or do they? What would happen if you shot a bunch of Peeps? Would the science that brings these gooey creatures to life also stop a bullet?

Kirsten Joy Weiss, a terrifically talented shooter with a great YouTube channel, decided to find out. The following videos chronicle her heroic attempts to destroy the zombies of food, marshmallow Peeps. Continue reading

A Handgun with a Built-In Silencer?

The Silencerco Maxim doesn't look like other pistols because it isn't. (Gun Digest photo)

The Silencerco Maxim doesn’t look like other pistols because it isn’t. (Gun Digest photo)

Fiction has a hard time with this whole business of silencers (aka suppressors, if you want to look smart), so I’d like to draw your attention to something that’s going to make everything a helluva lot easier. Continue reading