An Update on the Writer’s Guide to Weapons

Plenty is happening since the launch of The Writer’s Guide to Weapons last week. I tried to condense everything into some social posts, but it got too long. Here’s the recap.

Tips for Writing Guns and Knives, Now in Print

Writing Tips Guns and Knives

Pictured: My hand modeling audition.

The Writer’s Guide to Weapons is available everywhere, but only as a paperback so far. The digital version will be available soon, which will weigh considerably less than the one-pound print edition.

Send Me Your Book Pics

A few early adopters already posted pictures of the book on social media. This makes me immeasurably happy. If you receive the book or spot it at a bookstore, and have a penchant for amateur hand modeling, please send me a pic via my Twitter account.

Here are a couple I received already from writers James Duncan and Laura Roberts, two willing subjects in this wacky experiment. Check out their websites, too.

Two Giveaways to Enter

Win Knife and Book

Click to enter the knife/book giveaway.

I’m giving away signed copies of the book at two locales.

Both, for the record, are free to enter. Purchases are appreciated but not necessary.

Two Easter Eggs to Find in the Book

Easter Egg

(Image via

Pro tip: There’s a link inside the book to a bonus download of gun and knife listings to use for research. Don’t pass that up. It’s going to save you a ton of time. The listings are extensive enough that they make up a full third of the copy I turned in to Writer’s Digest.

The second Easter egg is less obvious. I include a maker’s mark encrypted in my all of my work. Sometimes it’s overt. Sometimes it’s coded into the copy. But if you read enough of my books, you’ll get a sense of what it is.

There’s one such maker’s mark somewhere on the copyright page of The Writer’s Guide to Weapons. If you can find it, shoot me a message via my contact form.

Best Place to Buy the Book

I am sometimes asked by well-meaning people what the best place to buy the book is considering my royalty. Don’t worry about my royalty. If you find a good deal on the book, go for it.

Right now, the best place is Writer’s Digest Shop, where you can get it for 50% off retail.

How Well is the Book Doing Anyway?

Glad you asked, hypothetical questioner. I can’t share specific numbers, but I can safely say that after a little less than a week the book is doing quite well. Keen!

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