Give Characters a Full Ensemble of Weapons to Handle Any Situation

Michael Connick returns for another terrific post, this time focusing on real-world inspirations for his characters’ weapons. Enjoy!


Writing weapons fiction

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Above is a picture of what I typically carry with me each day. My decision to carry these items is based on over 35 years experience with firearms and self-defense, so it’s no surprise that my fiction reflects this practice. I think it’s important to give characters a full ensemble of weapons to handle any situation. Continue reading

5 Small Pistols for Your Story’s Protagonist

Best handguns for writing fiction

Handguns are some of the most common weapons in fiction. Here are some small selections worth considering that aren’t Glocks. That’s right. Not every pistol in fiction is a Glock. ~Ben (Image by Jon Campbell via

Following up his post about close quarters combat and clearing rooms, Michael Connick is back with another great guest post. This one is about five small pistols perfect for your story’s protagonist. Enjoy!

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Hands-On Research: How a Gun Shy Writer Pulled the Trigger for a Novel

I’m thrilled to bring you this interview with E.M. Kokie, author of the survival novel, Radical. Kokie knew she needed to learn more about firearms in order to write her book, and the story of how she went about it is a terrific lesson for writers who find themselves in a similar situation. Enjoy!


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Crime Fiction Writers on the Weapons They Choose for Characters

A Great Collection of Crime Fiction

Best crime fiction anthology 99 cents reviews

I’m delighted to be a part of the new kid on the crime fiction block, The Crime Cafe 9 Book Set, spearheaded by New York Times best-selling author Debbi Mack. It’s a collection of full-length fiction from the writers who appeared on her excellent Crime Cafe podcast, such as these cool kids:

  • Russian Roulette by Austin Camacho
  • An All-Consuming Fire by Donna Fletcher Crow
  • Savage Nights by W.D. Gagliani
  • A Memory of Grief by Dale T. Phillips
  • No Game for a Dame by M. Ruth Myers
  • Glass Eye by Ben Sobieck (hey, that’s me!)
  • Gypsy’s Kiss by Jim Winter
  • 23 Shades of Black by Kenneth Wishnia
  • Waist Deep by Frank Zafiro

There are also loads of bonus interviews to check out, too.

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One Fantasy Writer’s Secret Weapon: Archery Lessons

bow and arrow lessons for writers of fiction

The best way to write about weapons in fiction is to get your hands on some. If you can swing it, one-on-one instruction in a controlled environment is best. (Jamie Woods image via

Today’s guest post comes from fantasy writer Sara Letourneau, someone I came in touch with via the 2016 Writer’s Digest Conference. When she mentioned she took a 10-week archery lesson to better understand the weapons in her stories, I couldn’t help but ask for a post for this site. Be sure to check out her website here for more of her terrific work. Enjoy!

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