Best Handguns for Detectives in Fiction

It’s my pleasure to host the first of two posts from “Adam” of Writer’s Detective. He’s an active law enforcement detective in California, hence the quotation marks. When he’s not on duty, Adam offers advice to writers about police work on his website and Twitter handle.

He graciously accepted my invitation to talk about the handguns he uses. Watch for an upcoming post on the firearms criminals use. I think you’ll enjoy them both.


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Gripes About Guns in Movies from a Retired Law Enforcement Officer

Scattergun Joe HefferonThis guest blog post is by Joe Hefferon, the author of Scattergun: A Reckoning in Two Acts, the forthcoming Alice and other crime fiction works you can check out here. He also served 25 years in law enforcement, which flavors his fiction with a heavy dose of realism.

Hefferon originally commented on my post about guns over at Jane Friedman’s blog, where he offered some interesting insights. I invited him to flesh them out with a proper post. Although he tells me he doesn’t want to be seen as a guy you can’t watch movies with, I think his gripes about guns in movies are worth the risk. Enjoy!


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What’s a Good Cop Knife?

Protech automatic knives

Here’s a shortcut: Just write in a Protech automatic knife. Protech makes great automatics (aka switchblades in the modern era) that would work well in almost any scenario in fiction. Of course, the shortcut to the shortcut is to keep it simple by writing “knife” and leaving it at that. Remember to keep depictions equally generic. (Photo via BLADE magazine)

The post What’s a Good Cop Gun? attracted a nice chunk of traffic, so I figured it needed a follow up post about “cop knives.” That’s not a term I’ve heard used often in fiction or writing groups, but for the sake of this post let’s assume it means “a knife a law enforcement character would carry as an everyday tool.”

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What’s a Good Cop Gun?

209000_01_lgimage via Smith & Wesson

TLDR: There isn’t one “cop gun,” but a .40 caliber semi-automatic pistol is a solid default choice for modern settings.

One of the most common questions about assigning firearms to characters I’ve received through e-mail is, “What’s a good cop gun?” Although law enforcement officers use many types of firearms, this question usually refers to semi-automatic pistols. This post will cover those.

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