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Looking For A Little Help

I originally built this site to support the release of The Writer’s Guide to Weapons back in 2015 (Writer’s Digest Books). That morphed into regular blog posts, which in turn brought more than 600,000 people to this site. I kept the content free because I enjoy helping people, and I like plugging into the writing community at large.

About two years ago, I stopped making regular posts due to other commitments, but I decided to keep this website up and running.  While I’m happy to do so, keeping the lights on costs me time and money. Rather than grovel through a Patreon campaign, I’ve decided to take a different route.

Simply Put: Like This Site? Buy My Coffee

That about sums it up.

I started Writer’s Block Coffee® last year, and it’s been doing very well ever since. It’s a specialty coffee subscription with a literary bent. It’s made from the top 5% of coffee beans on Earth, and every purchase supports a literacy non-profit.

It also, of course, supports me, and therefore helps me maintain this website. I’ll be honest here: there isn’t much bandwidth left in my life for this site. But with a little help from you, I’ll be in a better spot for keeping things running.

Here’s What I Need You To Do

  1. Go to the Writer’s Block Coffee® website
  2. Sign up for a new coffee subscription.
  3. Enter discount code FIFTY at checkout. You’ll save 50% on your first bag.

If you like the coffee, I’ll continue to send it to you. You’re free to cancel the subscription at any time.

If you don’t enjoy the coffee, I’ll refund your entire purchase. No questions asked.

Thank You

Thanks for the time, and thank you in advance if you take me up on the coffee. I really appreciate it.

Click here to go to the Writer’s Block Coffee® website.


2 thoughts on “Keep This Site Alive! Try Writer’s Block Coffee®

  1. Sir,
    I found your book in a bookstore while searching for something else. After flipping through a few pages, I knew I’d found treasure. Illustrated encyclopedias of guns are not useful for research, and Internet research often comes up missing important details. I’ve taken gun safety courses and have a FOID card/CCL, but I still have a question. I write steampunk Weird West LitRPG, anything from a flintlock rifle to a Glock could show up.
    How does one portray grenades in fiction? Any kind of grenade, across any era.


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