Typing Gloves for Cold Hands?

Best typing gloves for cold handsI returned from the 2016 Writer’s Digest Conference in New York City earlier this week with a renewed passion for what I do as a writer. So it only makes sense that I launched a Kickstarter campaign for gloves.

Wait. Gloves!?

Yes, Gloves

I haven’t gone nuts, but I have created something I call The Writer’s Glove. It’s typing glove meant to keep your hands warm while you write at a keyboard. Unlike fingerless gloves, they are warm, breathable and fit like a second skin from wrist to tip. This allows you to “feel” the keys while you type.

Also, I developed a special grip on the palm and fingers to keep the glove from slipping. Each index fingertip is touchscreen-compatible, too. It’s like the ultimate keyboard glove or writing glove or typing glove or computer glove or however you want to describe it. Just call it The Writer’s Glove.

Here’s a video of The Writer’s Glove in action. Yes, that’s me.

What Gives?

Why am I mentioning this in August, when the heat of NYC during the conference kicked off an energy usage record? Because I want to get my skunkworks creation to the next level. That’s where the Kickstarter campaign comes in. I’m looking for $2,500, and I explain why on the campaign page. I sure would appreciate your support.

Kickstarter? Can’t I Just Buy the Gloves?

You certainly can through my Etsy page. There’s even a summer special right now, but if you leave a comment below I’ll give you an even better deal.

I Thought You Were the Weapons Guy

I still am, and this doesn’t mean I’m backing away from writing. It means that my creative streak isn’t limited to the written word.

I also plan to host a webinar of the presentation I gave at the Writer’s Digest Conference, 10 Things No One Told You About Writing Weapons in Fiction, for those who couldn’t attend. More details on that soon.


6 thoughts on “Typing Gloves for Cold Hands?

  1. Wow, Ben. What a fantastic invention. I don’t advertise this fact, but I have rheumatoid arthritis and all the wonderful things that goes along with it. Like Raynaud’s Disease, for example. Which means my hands and feet remain cold most of the time and can turn purple if I’m not careful. Writing has helped a lot (moving joints are happy joints), but these gloves could really come in handy. I just returned from the WPA conference (an expensive trip), but I will look into these gloves because the weather is already beginning to change here, in New England.

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    • Sorry to hear that, Sue, that’s terrible. You pushing through eliminates a lot of the writer’s block excuses I’ve had. My hands are just cold, not Raynaud’s cold. If you’re at all interested, I’d offer these up at cost with a coupon code so long as you got them via Etsy, where they’re available now. How was WPA? The pics Lee posted online looked really cool.

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      • No worries. I’ve dealt with it a long time. Thank you. I’ll take you up on that. First, I need to make it through the month. You know how it is. Spent way too much money while away. 🙂

        WPA was awesome! I can hardly wait to go back. How was your conference? I bet you kicked ass.

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  2. Ben,
    You are singing my song! I’d love to try out a pair! I am right now trying to figure out how to cut slots in a beat-up pair of leather gloves so I can work in my cold home-office! The silk design must work in the same fashion as compression clothes that wick away moisture. It’s about time someone applied that knowledge to our hands! Nice job and I hope you sell a ton of these. Maybe we’ll see you on Shark Tank!

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