Three Reasons I Do Not Cut Down Other Writers

felled-tree-1424452-mIn my book, The Writer’s Guide to Weapons, and on this blog, I draw inspiration from the mistakes I encounter in what I read. However, I don’t call out the writers making them. There are three good reasons why.

1 – It’s a Dick Move

I think the gun/knife information I put out there is strong enough to stand on its own. I don’t need to cut down someone else in the process to get my point across. In other words, I would make for a crappy politician.

2 – I’ve Made Mistakes, Too

I didn’t start out knowing this stuff. For a long time, I was throwing around “clip” instead of “magazine,” too. It took time to learn the ropes, despite growing up around these items. That other writers aren’t as far along as I am isn’t reason enough to cut them down.

3 – People are More Receptive When You’re Not Yelling at Them

This goes against a core principle of Internet dickery, but I think I reach more people when I’m not on the offense. My keyboard isn’t greased with the foam dripping from my outraged mouth. To me, that’s a sign of not having much to offer in the first place.

Of course, the exception is when someone specifically requests I review their gun/knife depiction. With their permission, I’d post the analysis here. In that case, the information is still being constructive, which is the entire point. However, every third post I am required to reference Nazis per Godwin’s Law. (kidding, I hope)

Get the Book

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