The 6 Steps for Treating Knife Wounds


The recent posts about characters “digging out” gunshot wounds and using sugar to treat injuries drew quite a few pageviews, which was nice to see, although I wonder about your guys’s safety. You do know this is for writing fiction, right? Or are your weekends really that rough?

I figured I’d follow up with a post about treating knife wounds. Once again, I’m referencing the Living Ready Pocket Manual – First Aid. It’s written by Dr. James Hubbard, MD, MPH, someone with the right initials to talk about this stuff. I highly recommend this as a First Aid guide for quick reference when writing. It gets right to the point.

Basically, there are six steps for characters to follow when treating a cut, like a knife wound.

  1. Stop the bleeding
  2. Assess the damage
  3. Clean the wound
  4. Decide on treatment
  5. Close the wound (if appropriate)
  6. Watch for infection

Those few words can mean many things, which is why I’ll have information detailing each step coming in my next e-newsletter. Not that I don’t enjoy blog readers, but I save the best for the e-newsletter.

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