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Maynard Soloman New War on Drugs Small 3 for webMaynard Soloman Solves the War on Drugs FREE RIGHT NOW – ALL E-Book Formats Supported

“Maynard is the philosopher-cum-man-of-action that we all wish we could be, the detective who solves mysteries by turning idiocy against itself.” – Peter Rozovsky, Detectives Beyond Borders (Spinetingler Award winner)

“I recommend to everyone who is looking for a quick read. It’s perfect for that pick me up laugh, that bathroom read, that afternoon escape.” – Molly Edwards, Reviews by Molly

“Oh my goodness! I’m not sure when I’ve laughed so hard. It was like having a conversation with the man from the ‘Grumpy Old Men’ movie! So much fun!” – Gina Hott, Hott Books

“It never ceases to amaze me how this young man has created such a perfect crotchety old character. This is such a fun series and Maynard has become one of my favorite characters.” – Michelle Peden Vasquez, Life in Review

“With a satirical take on everything from America’s war on drugs to immigration law to social security, Maynard Soloman is a mobile home-dwelling crime-fighting dynamo. He may not be the brightest bulb in the box, but he sure is amusing.” – Laura Roberts, ePublisher Daily

“With a chip on his shoulder and more than his share of attitude, the protagonist presents himself as a force to be reckoned with and immediately captured my interest.” – Chantal Boudreau, author/illustrator

* Author nominated for Best Short Story of 2011 by Preditors & Editors Readers Poll.

Fans of funny detective stories, meet Maynard Soloman, gal-damn detective. Some would say he’s crusty, profane and clueless. But if you ask him, he solves the world’s problems one case at a time. Once you experience his 1930s-style of doing business in a 21st century world, you just might agree.

In this misadventure, Maynard wraps his arms around the War on Drugs. Or is the war wrapping itself around his beloved Winnebago RV and threatening to bust down the door? Either way, the Ol’ Badger will solve this business of the War on Drugs once and for all.

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Burning Bridges: A Renegade Fiction Anthology – These renegade authors are burning bridges. Each one of their 15 short stories is a match and a commitment to never to look back. Readers can expect tales of revenge, redemption and the road ahead – but never regret.


Dead Weight ~ Allan Leverone
The Beginning of the End ~ Paul D. Brazill
Unforgettable ~ Julia Madeleine
A Freeway on Earth ~ Heath Lowrance
Horse Clock ~ K.A. Laity
Disciple ~ Mark Cooper
Punishment/Lola ~ Darren Sant
Asylum ~ George S. Geisinger
No Turning Back ~ McDroll
The Importance of Blood ~ Edith M. Maxwell
The Last Injustice ~ Benjamin Sobieck
An Idea for Murder ~ Tace Baker
Safety First ~ Joshua J. Mark
Killing Deities ~ L. Vera
A Gift ~ B.R. Stateham

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The Days of Madness series of anthologies from editor Chris Allinotte gather quick, horrific tales in a slick e-book package. Check out each for some spooky fun.


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