Step-by-Step: How to Load and Accurately Shoot a Pistol

Sue Coletta is a crime author and writer bud of mine with a new book out this November worth your time, Marred. I’m interested in how Coletta approaches the weapons in her work, seeing as how she came up with a primer called 60 Ways to Murder Your Fictional Characters. What follows is her guest post on how she chose the firearms for one of her law enforcement characters, along with a terrific example of how to load and shoot a semi-automatic pistol. Enjoy!


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Thoughts on Being Featured on Wattpad

Glass Eye Featured on Wattpad

The terrific folks at Wattpad (aka “the Youtube of books”) are featuring my novel, Glass Eye, for the next six months. This means you can read the novel in its entirety for free here on Wattpad.

What’s in it for me if it’s available for free? Like a lot of writers using Wattpad, this is something I’m learning the answer to gradually as I experience the full weight of the platform.

Part of the attraction of Wattpad is its massive readership, which stands around 30 million or so. If you can snag enough eyeballs, a sponsor might tap you to write in support of a movie or product launch, or you might attract a publisher. It’s the query process on a whole new level.

Other than that, Glass Eye is available for sale on all of the major e-book retail sites. I’m hoping I can convert some sales from the exposure, but I’m not optimistic. I think most Wattpad readers want to stay on Wattpad to read instead of using the site as a preview mechanism.

No, the real opportunities will come in the form of something else. What that looks like I can’t say, but the featured spot is already opening some doors. I’ll be doing some writing for the official Wattpad presence in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, you can read Glass Eye here on Wattpad. Enjoy!

What’s the Difference? Machine Gun vs. Submachine Gun

What's the difference between a submachine gun and a machine gun?

The iconic Tommy gun fires .45 caliber handgun ammunition. That makes it a submachine gun. (Shutterstock photo)

TLDR: Submachine guns use handgun ammunition. Machine guns use rifle ammunition.

If a gun-toting character pulls the trigger and holds it there while the business end goes bang-bang-bang, then there’s an excellent chance that firearm is a submachine gun or a machine gun (warning: does not apply to characters requesting someone pull their fingers). But what’s the difference between those two terms? Or is there one?

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Chase Baker and The Vikings’ Secret (A Chase Baker Thriller #5)

Franchising Isn’t Just for Fast Food Restaurants

Chase Baker is a character created by Vincent Zandri, an author of thrillers I admire quite a bit. The series of novels are a little like The Da Vinci Code meets Indiana Jones, with more Rambo and less down time. Readers seem to enjoy the tales, which combine an occult secret (for example, the bones of Jesus Christ) with high stakes and plenty of action. The first book, The Shroud Key, is still charting high. Continue reading