2014 Dubious CrimeFictionBook.com Awards

CrimeFictionBook Award WinnerIt’s time for the 2014 Dubious CrimeFictionBook.com Awards. The inaugural edition last year was so biased, so dubious, so obviously influenced by bribery, that by popular demand (and court order) they’ve returned for 2014. All nominees and winners are selected by me through a highly subjective process. The only qualification is that I had to have read the work in 2014, and that the work was published recently.

This year had some excellent reads to offer as well as some duds that surprisingly didn’t float with me (I’m looking at you, Gone Girl). To add to the total subjectivity of the awards process, I’m including a fancy badge (left) that winners can lift for their websites, provided they link back here in return. It’s just like a real dubious award. Huzzah! Continue reading

2013 Dubious CrimeFictionBook.com Awards

For what it’s worth, here’s my rundown of the best of 2013. The only qualification was that I had to have experienced it in 2013. Nominees had to be related to the crime fiction genre somehow. Yeah, that’s pretty loose. No arguing about the rules, kids, that’s just how it’s going to go. Continue reading